Sunday, November 24, 2013

Best Friends

It's amazing how young girls begin using the term "best friend." Lately, I have heard girls as young as 2, mine included, say "want to be my best friend?" Or when they're not getting what they want, " You're not my best friend anymore" Seriously, where do they get this stuff. My daughter is 2 going on 16 I swear. They get sassy younger and younger these days.  In order to deter any unwanted tears or tantrums we always explain that we don't have best friends everybody should just be friends with everybody.  We teach the girls that there really are no best friends and while I agree with the theory that everybody should love everybody and we should be everybody's friend, I feel a little different about the best friend theory.

I hope when Kenz is older that she does have a best friend, or multiple best friends. I don't know where I would be in this life without my best friends.  They have got me through heartbreak, times when I thought I could never go on, loneliness, when I thought I didn't have any friends, joy, when I just wanted to scream from the rooftops, and many other things.  Milestones are always more fun when shared with a friend. I'm so thankful that I've had a friend to share life with. And as I met with my best friend last week and we discussed our current life trials, joys and disappointments, I'm excited to be sharing a new journey with her. Stay tuned to the blog for more details! Also check out Carissa at TisforTownsend!


Venus Trapped In Mars said...

How sweet was this post? I'm so thankful for best friends. Oddly enough, I'm so thankful for some girls I have met through blogging even that I consider to be best friends! And yes, I mean plural because you can have all the best friends your heart desires!

Miss Riss said...

I LOVE this post! And I LOVE you! Even if we go a couple months without seeing each other, and then we go to dinner, it feels like we hung out yesterday! We never miss a beat, and I'm so thankful we can share anything and we both know that we'll always be there for each other! I'm so excited for our new venture into healthier living (I hate how cliche that sounds, ha!) and we will make it happen together!!