Monday, August 13, 2012

Teaching By Example

I had a sweet experience with my sweet baby girl tonight and I wanted to write it down for journaling purposes.  My sweet baby girl is definitely giving me a run for my money.  She never stops doing something (which is usually her getting into something.)  She has the attention span of a small fish (about 5 seconds) and she thinks time out and the word no are funny.  But man do I love her.  Tonight as we sat down to eat dinner, I bowed my head to say a blessing on the food.  During the prayer I opened one eye just to see what she was doing.  To my complete surprise she was folding her arms and she had her head down.  What a sweet moment that was.  I have not taught her this yet.  Of course every time we pray I tell her to fold her arms, but she never does.  It gave me such a strong testimony of  how important our examples are to others.  Our children, and people around us are watching what we are doing.  You can teach so much by actions without using any words.  I need to be more away of my actions, cause she is taking them all in, good or bad.  And even though I feel like she is never really listening to me, or not taking anything in, she truly is.  She is an amazing child of God and I am so thankful that he trusted me enough, to send her to me.  To nurture, teach and eventually, hopefully return to live with him again.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Sunshine Sunday! and a Birthday!

Since it is my father's birthday today and Sunshine Sunday I thought it would be fun to combine them together!   I think this quote is amazing.  It is exactly how I feel about my dad.  He is the silent type, not one with a lot of words, but I ALWAYS knew he believed in me.  I always knew that no matter what he wanted me to succeed and he knew I could.  I treasure the relationship that I have with my dad and it is so fun watching him interact with Kenz.  I know he will be a great grandpa and cannot wait to see him with the rest of the grandkids.  I love you dad, thanks for being the best dad in the world!