Sunday, December 21, 2008

Many Many updates!

Holy wow, sorry I have been such a blogging slacker.  Like all of you  I have been dealing with finals and work and finishing out this school year.  Also we have been decorating our new house for Christmas! I love this time of year! We bought a real tree!(i cant do fake i need the smell) and decorated it together as we are celebrating our first real Christmas together!  Also we have been cleaning and preparing to have families stay with us for this holiday season! We went and saw the temple lights, twice because I just can't seem to get enough of them! They had many new displays this year! It gets better and better every year! We took a friend of my brothers who is not a member, and she seemed to enjoy it too! Especially the Nativity displays inside the visitors center!   I love spreading the Joy of this season! Christ's birth is truly a reason to celebrate! and i hope that we all keep the real spirit of christmas in our minds this season. I do feel like Christmas came too fast this year! I feel like Thanksgiving was just yesterday and now we are doing Christmas and before you know it that will be over and we will be in 2009! Where did this year go!? My land time is flying by so I try to enjoy every second!

Well on other notes, Kenny has been throwing up all night and is now finally asleep so I decided to blog.  He wasn't going to go to church this morning, I was just going to go to sacrament meeting alone, but he decided he could at least make it to sacrament meeting.  So we went and are sitting there as they are doing the releasing and callings, and sure enough they call us to be CTR 5 teachers, funny thing is they never asked us first! They never met with us to have us accept the calling, Kenny and I were stunned and in so much shock we didnt even stand, haha so apparently we are now CTR 5 teachers.  Not that we won't have fun, we just expected to be at least notified first haha.  The joys of Primary! We really are excited!  I hope all of you are having a great Christmas! Be safe!