Tuesday, May 11, 2010

3 years

Three years ago today, this happened. We were married in the Mesa Temple for all time and eternity. I am so thankful for that day and for a husband that was worthy to take my to the temple. He is pretty much the most amazing man that I know. He is always willing to do anything for me, literally, like even serving in Iraq and Afghanistan so that the war will be kept off our soil. I don't know an adequate way to express how much I love him and all that he does for me. So here are just a few of the thoughtful things that he has done for me, and the things that I am definitely grateful for!
1) He recently sold his Bow, and quads so that we could take a trip to Disneyland before he deployed. (if you know my husband you know what kind of a sacrifice that was for him)
2) He has stayed up many nights into the wee hours of the morning helping me study for finals and test, most recently last night he stayed up and texted me until one thirty in the morning to keep me awake so I could study for a final, even though that meant he probably would not get much sleep that night.
3) This past month during the most stressful part of school for me; finals, projects and so many other things, I would come home to find the house clean and dinner cooking, so that I would be able to dedicate my time to my schoolwork.
4) He has placed his hands on my head many times and given me personal blessings of strength when they were much needed.
5) He has given up hunting trips, camping trips and many other things when I am feeling neglected or we just really didn't have the money for him to go. (Again if you know my husband, you know this is a huge sacrifice for him).
6) He was deployed our first year of marriage, but managed to make sure that I received a gift for every occasion, anniversaries, holidays, birthday etc, all while being in Iraq with limited internet and phone
*most recent example, I received these at work today*
7) He is always willing to drop everything when I need him.
8) He is positive, optimistic and always looking at the bright side even when I may not see a bright side.
9) He constantly calms me down when I am stressed, frustrated, or upset.
10) He is my best friend, which is luckily not a sacrifice for him :)

So here is to 3 years and an eternity more.
I love you with all my heart to our star and back, forever and eternity.


Since it was recently mother's day, it would be appropriate to honor my amazing mother. Although I think mom's should be honored more than once a year. So here is my amazing parents. My mom is the most amazing person I know. Kind, selfless, giving, caring, and a great example to those around her. I am ever grateful for her help and example that she has shown to me. I do not know where I would be without her! I hope that one day I can be half of the mom that she has been to us. She not only supports us kids, but is also known to take in all of our friends and adopt them into our family. Amazing. She is simply amazing. I am so grateful for her! I love you mom!

*P.S props to my dad who bought flowers for all of the girls in our family, mothers or not.
My parents are AMAZING!