Saturday, February 23, 2008


I noticed that many people have these things, what do they call them Blogs, and I thought to myself what a cute idea! I want one to. So here is me testing out this thing they call blogging.  I was sitting in my room today talking to Kenny on webcam (what a fabulous thing that is if I do say so myself ) and my mom called me out to the living room. I go to the door and the mail man has dropped off two massive crates, with locks on them from my husband.  Apparently it is stuff that he no longer needs in Iraq and he decided to send them home to me. Now can I ask a silly question... why did he not send me the key.  Man I love my husband, sometimes doesn't think of the most obvious things.  Well you may say well why is she sharing this story about her husband sending crates, well him sending his stuff home means that HE in fact will be coming home and that is something I can not wait for! I am so excited to finally have my husband home so we can start a real family.  He served his country well and now I want him back :).  To add to the excitement I recently purchased tickets to the Kenny Chesney concert on the 31st of May, which Kenny will be here for.  We are very excited for that and our "first date" when he gets home.