Wednesday, March 23, 2011


I have been contemplating the title of this blog for a while now. So much has happened in what seems like such a short period of time. But for some reason I was having a hard time finding a title that would encompass everything that I have to say tonight. So excuse me if this blog is long, or scatterbrained. I will try my best to keep it as organized as possible. Back to my title....


First we were blessed with this event:

After a very long and emotional journey (I was given several different dates and times that he would be arriving at the airport and unfortunately none of them were accurate). Kenny arrived home, for his R n R, very late Saturday night. Although I was kind of irritated because I originally expected him Friday afternoon. We were blessed that he made it home in time for the birth of our baby girl. I was due to be induced Sunday morning at 7:30 am, and although we didn't get much sleep Saturday night, I am thankful that he was at least home by Sunday morning.

Second we were blessed with this event:

The birth of our beautiful baby girl, Kenzi Ranae Lindholm. She was born March 7, 2011. 7lbs 12oz, 20 1/2 inches tall. She is absolutely beautiful and such a joy in our home. We love our baby girl and can't imagine life without her.

The next 2 weeks we were blessed with:

family and friends and lots of them. The above picture is my grandma, mom, Kenzi and I, four generations. How cool!

We were also blessed with:

Time. Blessed to be able to spend almost 2 full weeks as a family of 3. I was so blessed to have my husband home, and Kenzi to have her dad home, to help out for 2 weeks. I am blessed that he got to spend that time with her before he had to go back to stinky Iraq. For those that don't know we found out I was pregnant the day Kenny left for Iraq. Talk about an overwhelming event. So he has missed the entire pregnancy and it was a very real possibility that he would miss the birth too. That is what I prepared myself for. So for him to be here for the birth was a complete blessing. The Lord was definitely with us and watching over us.

We are also blessed with a great support system; family and friends, to help out until Kenny returns.

We definitely are very blessed. And although I can find many things wrong with this stupid deployment, Heavenly Father is constantly reminding me that there are also many many blessings.

The last event happened to be this one:

These were the last minutes Kenny got to spend with his little baby girl. Let me tell you, I thought watching him have to leave me was hard, watching him have to leave his baby girl almost tore my heart out. My heart ached for him as I watched him say his goodbyes and turn and walk away. He already has so much love for this little girl and it is apparent as you watch him interact with her. Which brings me to my next blessing. I am blessed with a husband who is stronger than I could ever be. I can not even imagine having to leave my baby knowing that I won't see her again for months. That has got to be one of the hardest things to go through. But my wonderful husband was strong, for us. He held it together while I fell apart. I am blessed
with an amazing husband and now father who gives me the strength to make it through.

Lastly we are blessed that this stinkin' deployment is almost over. Kenny will not miss much of our sweet baby girl's life, and for that we are both so grateful. Kenzi will never remember her dad leaving or returning for that matter, and for that we are so blessed. She will not have to relearn who he is, and he won't have to miss major milestones in her life. We thank Heavenly Father everyday for the blessings that he has given us.

On a side note I love this photo:

I think it describes both Kenzi and I's feelings toward this deployment. It mostly just makes us want to cry. :)