Sunday, March 2, 2008


As many of you know I am a primary teacher at church.  I teach the CTR 8 class and what sweet spirits they have.  I learn more from them each Sunday then I think that I can ever teach them.    As I was teaching the lesson today on Enos and the power of prayer and forgiveness, I was asking the kids questions about the story and what sweet spirits they have.  They give the most simple answers but they are completely correct.  It is such a great experience to teach them every Sunday and to learn from them.  Then we went into Primary and to listen to them sing is a tear jerker.  We are currently practicing "I Know That My Redeemer Lives".  When the children sing the last verse it brings tears to my eyes.  They sing it with confidence and you can hear them bear witness of the redeemer and their savior.  You can hear their testimony.  I am so thankful for the calling that I have and for the sweet spirit of the children.  They are such a great example to me!  I am truly thankful for all that I have and what the Lord has blessed me with.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Being in an Army Life

Living with your husband thousands of miles away in a danger zone is really stressful.  Not to mention so frustrating because I never know when I may get a phone call or when he will get on Yahoo messenger.  I don't want to miss an opportunity to talk to him, but I also need to have a life, I can't just sit at home and wait for him to call or write me. It is very hard to balance a life and waiting all at the same time.

But I did get to talk to him today.  He is doing well, he is ready to come home and I am ready to have him home.  He says that the atmosphere is getting more depressing as all the soldiers are tired of being away from their families and their lives.  What a hard thing.  I can't imagine having to pick up my life and move to a country I can't even find on a map and have to live there for a year with people that don't want you there.  Constantly having to look over your shoulder and make sure that you are safe.  My husband, along with all the other soldiers, are my Heroes.  What they do for this country is amazing to me.  A concept that I have yet to grasp.  The love that they have for their fellowman is great.  They are willing to fight, leave their friends and family for a year, or even more and even possibly die for people they don't even know.  What a great example of Christ-like love.  I look up to my husband greatly.  I definitely think that I married someone better than me, and I learn something new from him everyday.  What an amazing man he is.  For those of you following the countdown, he will be home in approximately 2 and a half months! :)