Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Fish Lake

Fish Lake, Utah
This past week we packed up and headed out to Fish Lake, Utah for Kenny's family reunion.  We left at 1:00am so that the kids could *hopefully* sleep most of the drive.  Kenz did surprisingly well and did sleep most of the way.  We finally arrived about 11:00ish and sat down for a picnic lunch until we could check into the cabins.  The view was incredible, the weather awesome and we enjoyed ourselves (despite having NO phone service :)).

The cabin we stayed in slept 22 people.  We shared a room with the lovely Charnae and Ryan, who have a daughter miss B., who is just 6 months older than Kenz.  The girls were a hoot! They were instantly best friends and followed each other everywhere! I am so glad Kenz has a built in best friend and I know they will cherish each other as they get older.  Here are some cute pictures of the best friends.

Going for a walk with Uncle Ry

Bath Time  - They soaked each other and us!

Driving the boat


They seriously followed each other everywhere!

This was Kenz's first experience fishing and she seemed to enjoy it.  Miss B. had a cute little fishing pole with a plastic fish attached to the end of the line, so every time they threw it out, it magically came back up with a fish.  It was so cute to see the girls throw it out over and over again.  

Miss B. is a pro

Loving the water


Uncle Ry teaching her how to fish

I LOVE her facial expression

Happy she caught a "fish"

Kenz was not, however, very fond of real fish.  Every time Kenny would catch one and bring it on the boat, she would freak out and spaz her hands around and run. haha, she definitely takes after her mom for that.  

Kenny's family is full of boys.  There is only 1 girl cousin on Kenny's fathers side (the reunion we were at.)  It was so cute to see all of Kenny's boy cousins play with Kenz.  She was definitely spoiled and love all the attention.  Kenny has twin cousins, Josh and Jared, who spoiled Kenz too much :).  They took her for walks, bought her a stuffed animal, played catch with her and so on.  It was nice to get a little break from her while Kenny was out fishing.  

Playing with cousin Jared

Here are a few more random pictures from the trip.  Sorry this is kind of a picture overloaded post, but they speak better than words sometimes.

Walking with Uncle Cam

Falling asleep on daddy's shoulders

And she's out

She loved to drive the boat

Hanging with Uncle Dano