Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Birthday Weekend

This past Sunday was my birthday.  The weekend started off with my mom and I going shopping for a gift. She wanted to get me some maxi skirts but I am a hard person to shop for so along we went. We ended up finding 2 cute skirts, mixing bowls, and cups. I definitely was spoiled. 
Side note: you know you're getting old when you want mixing bowls for your birthday.

Friday night my hubby "surprised" me with finding a babysitter for the kinds (thanks mom) and getting a hotel room so I could have a night of uninterrupted sleep.  My husband was hoping it would be a surprise but unfortunately he's not very sneaky and I knew about it all along. So off we went to drop the kids off and away to our destination. He had a room booked at La Quinta Inn. 


I'm pretty sure sleeping on the floor would have been more comfortable then the bed. AND to make matters worse there was a dog in the room next to us that barked (more like yipped) ALL.NIGHT.LONG. And I'm not even exaggerating. So much for my night of solid sleep. We were both so tired the next morning. Luckily, they did take $20 off our bill, but still, biggest waste of money. I don't recommend staying at the one in Mesa. Just a heads up.


I also got to pick out a new pair of work shoes. I know I lead an exciting life, but seriously I was in desperate need. And I think they are cute.

Sunday my mom made me my favorite dinner and my husband made me my favorite Ice Cream cake dessert. I received some lotions, a candle and hand sanitizers from my brother and his girlfriend, and some flowers from my visiting teacher.

Overall it was was a great birthday. Thanks to all who wished me a Happy Birthday and for the sweet gifts! I really appreciate it.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Then there were 4...

Tate Michael Lindholm was born July 24th, 2013 at 11:05am.

He was 8lbs and 21 inches and had a full head of hair.
We absolutely love him and he is such a good baby.
This is in the hospital.  Kenz insisted on holding him all the time.

Overall Kenz has been a great helper.  She loves holding him, and feeding him and always brings me diapers, but doesn't want to change him. She is such a sweet sister and we are so blessed that she loves him as much as she does.

She is always wanting me to take pictures of her and "her brother Tate", so this post will be filled with lots of pictures.  I hope you don't mind.  :)

Life with two kids has definitely been an adjustment.  Especially with a two year old who loves to help.  I'm constantly checking to make sure she's not picking him up, or smothering him to death, or sharing her food with him.  I think she finally understands that she can't pick him up without an adult's help. :)
We had my SIL take some newborn pictures of T and I think they turned out pretty well.  If you need pictures done, be sure to contact her on Facebook.

T also had the opportunity to model bow ties for the lovely Littlest Prince Couture. You can check out her stuff here.

Photo credit goes to Brenna Leigh Photography.  You can also check out her website here.  She does super cute pictures as well.  Check her out.
Now that the novelty of a new brother has worn off, Kenz has had to find new things to do (besides bug her brother).  She has enjoyed washing dishes and has done well keeping herself entertained.

She also has decided that Nala (our chocolate Lab) is her best friend and insists that she goes everywhere with her.  She is constantly bossing her around the house and quite often, I find her laying on top of her.  It is really cute.
We were so blessed to have so many people bring meals and goodies.  We really appreciate the love and support.  We are also thankful for our families and all that they have done.  My mom has taken many days off and had Kenzi a lot.  We are definitely blessed. 
Here are a few more pictures because many people have been requesting them.

This one is for Mickey, we love the shirt! It is so cute! Thank you.
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