Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Our little fish

Kenz has ALWAYS been a fan of water.  She loves taking baths, showers, playing in the pool, playing in the dogs water bowl (I know it's so gross!), basically any water she finds she plays in it.  And now that it is getting super hot and hard to keep her inside we decided to take her to a splash pad last Saturday.  She had a BLAST and was completely in her element.  She ran back and forth, playing with the kids and in the water.  It was great, I enjoyed seeing her so happy.  Here are some pics from our outing!

Mother's Day and Anniversary

Kenny and I were married May 11, Mother's Day weekend, 2007.  Because of this our anniversary and Mother's Day are often celebrated together, which is fine by me!  This year we celebrated our five year anniversary, and decided we would take a little trip to celebrate.  After researching our options and finding a groupon, we decided on Kohl's Ranch Lodge which is just outside of Payson.  I think we were both ready to get out of town and take a break.  

This is the third time I have stayed at this lodge, and let me tell you it is definitely worth a stay.  They are family friendly, pet friendly, they host weddings and are tucked down surrounded by pine trees.  However, there is no phone service, so if that is important to you, this is not your place.  They offer horseback riding, marshmallow roasting and smores' kits, lots of activities for all ages and much more! They are definitely a great lodge for all ages!  Anyways, we dropped Kenz off with my parents and drove up Friday night and stayed until Sunday morning.  Payson is one of my favorite spots to vacation.  Our friends have a cabin in Pine and so we have been there often.  The weather is nice, and the scenery is beautiful!

This is not something you see everyday.  We had to stop so that they could heard the cattle across the road and into their yard.

Overall it was a great trip and we are very thankful to my parents for taking baby girl for the weekend.  Sorry for the long post full of pictures.

A few more random pictures of the Mother's Day card that Kenzi bought for me. It was so thoughtful of my husband to buy two cards.

She even colored inside for me! I sure love that girl and my wonderful husband!!