Sunday, July 18, 2010

Cool Experience

This experience was sent around in my ward. If you have not read it yet I highly recommend it!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

He lives.

He lives. Two words. Such a simple yet profound phrase. A wonderful couple in my ward sang "I know that my Redeemer lives," as a duet today. This song has always been one of my favorites. Each time I hear it the Spirit testifies to me that He does live. The words of the song are amazing and if you haven't truly listened to them I encourage you to. Whenever I am in need of comfort these words seem to bring immediate ease:

He lives to grant my rich supply.
He lives to guide me with his eye.
He lives to comfort me when faint.
He lives to hear my soul's complaint.
He lives to silence all my fears.
He lives to wipe away my tears.
He lives to calm my troubled heart.
He lives all blessings to impart.

He lives my kind, wise heavenly friend.
He lives and loves me to the end.
He lives and while he lives I'll sing.
He lives my Prophet, Priest and King.
He lives and grants me daily breath.
He lives and I shall conquer death.
He lives my mansion to prepare.
He lives to bring me safely there.

Oh sweet, the joy this sentence gives. "I know that my redeemer lives!"

What a great blessing this song is. What comfort it brings to my often troubled heart. There are often days that I realize that if it wasn't for Him, for his life and death, I would be in an awful place right now. I am so grateful for the atonement, for His example, for both Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. There are many days that they have to carry me, because I just cannot do it myself. I know through this next year they will continue to carry me, and they will never tire or complain. Even when sometimes my prayers and thoughts are nothing but complaints. They are still there. Preparing my mansion, and helping me conquer all the trials, tribulations and situations that I just cannot do on my own.

I feel as if I need to bear my testimony. I don't know if I have ever done it in such a public venue before, but I hope that you can take something from it. I Know that the Lord with NEVER leave you alone. I know that He will never give us more than we can handle. I know that he prepares us for the trials and tribulations that are coming our way. And even though sometimes I think He forgets who I am, I know that He will never leave me alone. He knows each and every one of us. He knows our trials and tribulations, our strengths and weaknesses. He is my Savior. Amen