Sunday, November 24, 2013

A New Adventure

I'm dreading this post. I hate exposing my insecurities to the world. But as I briefly discussed in my last post, Carissa and I have decided to stop feeling icky and take on a healthier lifestyle. Let me warn you, this WILL NOT become your typical diet/weight loss blogs, because I'm not a fan of them myself.  For the most part, they annoy me.  And I feel like the just point fingers at all those who aren't into that lifestyle. However, I will from time to time share my progress, maybe a easy new recipe I have discovered, a fun new workout I have found, etc. this basically is my accountability post, to hopefully keep me on the right track. So I'm linking up with Sarah, to hopefully find other fun tips to help me become healthier. Here goes nothing.....

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Miss Riss said...

Here goes nothing! We can do it! =)