Thursday, October 23, 2008

Called to Serve

wow, i have not updated this in a while! I promise to be better! I love these things! They help keep everyone informed!

Well this week has been a very emotional one! We took Chris to the MTC on Wednesday.  That is quite an experience! He is serving in the Hungary Budapest mission and is so excited! Anyway, we flew up there on Monday night.  We got in real late and didn't make it to my grandmas house until like 11:30.  The next day was filled with visitors.  You see my Grandma lives in a small town in Utah, Howell is the name, and it is comprised of mostly related people.  So four of her five sisters live there, along with some of their children and so forth.  The house was filled with a steady stream of family members all day long, people wanting to say their goodbyes and good lucks.  It was great but exhausting as well.  Then the next day, was THE day.  We all woke up and showered and were out of the house by 8:30am.  There was much anticipation and hesitation as we made the drive up to Provo.  Chris was very ready, but the rest of us had mixed feelings.  This is something that we have grown up with our whole life.  We knew it was probably going to happen.  And it is something that we are so proud of him for.  But still, how were we going to say goodbye, for 2 years!?  It was tough.  Walking into the MTC (missionary training center) was so cool!  It was an experience i will never forget.  Seeing all those anxious missionaries and their family members, the spirit was so strong and we just knew we were in the right place.  My mom and I held up remarkably well, we didn't cry through the whole thing like we imagined.   There were tears at the beginning,  I will never be able to make it through "Called to Serve" anymore without crying through it.  It is such a great song, and experiencing it in the MTC is like nothing I have ever imagined.  Then we made it through the rest.  Until the very end... the goodbyes.  The president of the MTC said that it would be easier if we acted like it was a bandaid, the faster you do it the less it hurts.  And Chris took that to heart.  We all start crying, Mom, Dad, Chris, Skyler, it was insane and he hugged us all and then left, in a split second he was gone.  But you know what, we are at peace with it.  There is just something about knowing that he is out serving the Lord, that makes it a little bit easier.  Don't get me wrong we still miss him like crazy, and life won't be the same without his crazy sarcastic comments, he was always the one that kept us laughing.  But I know that he will be great! I know that the people of Hungary will love him as much as we do! He is definitely doing a great work.  We are so proud of him! And the MTC is something that I hope everyone gets to experience in their lifetime, it is just so awesome!


Dax and Steph said...

My parents didn't tell me you guys were up until after you had left! I still can't believe Chris is old enough to go on a mission! You will be surprised about how fast the 2 years actually go by. I can't believe Kevin has already been home almost a year! Well tell Chris good luck and that he'll be a great missionary. He is a very likable person and I'm sure everyone will love him!

Kenny and Kayla said...

i know it was such a short trip! I wish we were there to actually visit more! Are you guys coming down for Thanksgiving this year!? You totally should! I will let Christopher know you said hello and good luck and he is so carefree, I know the people of Hungary will love him!

Dax and Steph said...

I kinda don't think we are coming down for Thanksgiving. I think my parents, amber, and kevin are. Dax doesn't get too much time off work and I don't know if ryan could ride that long in the car. My mom forwarded Chris' e-mail to me. He sounded very happy to be there. And congrats on getting a house. I'm so jealous!